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Bnazrum Exports

Bnazrum Agro Exports is based at Dindigul, a fast growing industrial city in Central Tamil Nadu, in South India. A decade of flawless performance in the export of top-quality gherkins has given it a respectable position among the agro-based industrial units of the State. With a significant annual turnover of over six million dollars, it is steadily climbing up the ladder of success every year. The factory is situated at the foot of the cool green Sirumalai Hills, just 7 KMs from the city, with all infrastructural facilities and communication links for transportation of products from the contract farmlands into the factory and from there to the shipping facilities.

The ever increasing demand for Bnazrum gherkins is the greatest assurance of our quality. It is through maintenance of unvarying high quality that the Company grew from its humble beginnings to its present position of a good name abroad and an impressive turnover of 8 million dollars. Constant monitoring of all the processes from the preparation of the soil for sowing to the labelling of the barrels for export is what ensures a quality that is appreciated by the discerning and educated customers of the developed nations.